Are your capsules vegetarian?

Yes!  All of our products are vegetarian, most are kosher and vegan too.


Are the products packaged in plastic or glass?

We only use glass bottles.


Are the products gluten free?

Yes, all our products are tested.


How long are the products good for?

Check expiration date on the bottom of the bottle, generally 5 years.


Do you use magnesium stearate? If no, what do you substitute with?

We do not use magnesium stearate.  Where needed, we use organic rice flour, natural silica (diatomaceous earth) or omega 3 powder (from flax seed).


Are the products certified organic?

We offer some items as certified organic, but most of the herbs used in our products are certified organic or ethically wild crafted.


What testing do you do on materials and products?

Ingredients, in process formulas and finished products are tested according to the GMP requirements and beyond, to ensure the quality of the product, and verify that product meets the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition.


Where are all the products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured at our beautiful facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.